What Clients Are Saying…

There was so much paperwork when we first started our business, but then my friend told me about Click Payroll. They helped me take care of everything from Payroll to Insurance to Benefits and took some of the burden off my shoulders so I could focus on less paperwork & more on running our company. – Kelly L, Medical Office Manager

As I hired more employees to keep up with orders I wanted to make sure the company culture within my business was a healthy one. I am so thankful Dmitry was able to help me with the insurance and benefits to keep my employees happy and healthy. – Luis D, Gym Owner

Every time I would call my old payroll company I would hear a recorded message with too many menu options to keep track of. Click Payroll has real people you can build a relationship with who know your needs and can answer all of your questions. ­– Victoria M, Auto Dealership Manager

I wanted to use a payroll company that provided services for everything I need to keep my business running smoothly but I didn’t want to be just another number to a big company. Now I have the best of both worlds! -Thomas C, Florist

I own a small accounting firm and people ask me all the time about places I would recommend for them to get benefits. I always send them to Dmitry at Click Payroll because I know they will get personalized help to get exactly what they need. –Anthony R, Accountant

I hated calling my payroll company to ask a question on behalf of an employee and not getting an answer? I don’t want to look like I don’t have the answers for my employees when they ask me important questions. Click Payroll always has a helpful representative who knows who I am and what my company does to answer all my questions. –Carlos P, Hotel Manager

As an accountant I build relationships with people and businesses. When clients ask for reliable benefit services I know exactly where to send them, Click Payroll. –Carrie A, CPA