Getting Started with Click Payroll

Click1Our goal at Click Payroll is to lighten your administrative burden and do as much as we can for you so you can focus on your business.

Getting started is simple. Your Click Payroll adviser will start by gathering some basic information, and then guide you through our 3-Step Process.

You’ll be up and running in no time, saving hours of work every week and comfortable knowing that your payroll, benefits, and insurance are in good hands.

Here’s how to get started in 3 Simple Steps:


Step 1 – Gather Your Information

  • Please see Data Required to Get Started.
  • We are happy to assist you in gathering the data as needed.

Step 2 – Welcome Call

  • You will receive a call from one of our friendly payroll specialists to go over company data.
  • We will confirm your payroll schedule and schedule your first processing date.
  • This session will take approximately 20-45 minutes.

Step 3 – Process and Review Your Payroll Information

  • Your Implementation specialist will contact you to assist in processing your first payroll and review the reports.
  • After your 1st payroll, you will be registered online to have access to your payroll reports.
  • You will also have options to enroll your employees with online access as well.